By Massimo Moneglia and Alessandro Panunzi

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10 See Cresti (2000) and Cresti and Moneglia (in press) 11 The interpretation of the above facts in terms of ellipsis of predicative elements, is frequently considered in the linguistics literature (According to this point of view 7 should be mapped onto the same structure of the sentence “The name of my grandfather is Peter” and 6 onto “Apples should have the shape of swans”. However ellipsis requires ad hoc solutions that are not empirically motivated. For instance the need for ellipsis is still determined by prosodic cues, that is strictly required in order to assign an interpretation to the above examples.

Only a very general negative condition prevents the filling by bound and free morphemes (article, preposition, auxiliary verbal form, conjunction, clitic) which cannot play any information function (Cresti, 2000). 1. below). However the distribution of syntactic types within Topic and Comment shows important quantitative preferences in the speech performance, that turn out roughly complementary (Signorini, 2004a and 2004b). Comment IUs are filled by: Nearly 62%: VP(5% main sentence) Nearly 38%: AdvP, AdjP, PP, NP INFORMATIONAL PATTERNING THEORY 23 Topic IUs are filled by: Nearly 60% NP Nearly 40%: if and when clause, modal clause, AdvP, AdjP (qualificative), PP, main sentence Let see some examples highlighting the variation of syntactic filling within the Topic-Comment structure: Two VPs (10) *CLA: [13] mòre uno /TOP che te sta vicino /APT neanche te ne accorgi //COM [ifamm02] [someone dies / near to you / you don’t even realize it] Two AdvPs (11) *SAB: per ora/TOP no //COM [ipubdl03, 134] [by now / no] AdjP and VP (12) *APR: mensile /TOP costa un po’ di più //COM [LAB –Art] [monthly / it costs something more] If or when clause and a main clause (13) *UO1: e quando un uomo politico si commuove /TOP è un cretino //COM [LAB-Gara1] [and when a politician show himself emotional / he is an idiot] PP and VP (14) *VER: poi /INP di guarnizione finale /TOP ci potrebbero essere anche le mele //COM [ifamdl14, 40] [then / like final decoration / there should be some apples too] In the previous examples, which are all performed within a prosodic prefix-root pattern, the expressions behaving as Topic are external to the regency of the Verb in Comment.

It/coralrom/ Firenzuoli, V. 2003. Le forme intonative di valore illocutivo dell'italiano parlato: analisi sperimentale di un Corpus di parlato spontaneo (LABLITA). , University of Florence. Firenzuoli, V. and S. Signorini. 2003. L’unità informativa di topic: correlati intonativi. In G. Marotta and N. Nocchi (eds), La coarticolazione (Atti delle XIII Giornate del GFS). Pisa: ETS, 177-184. Firenzuoli, V. and I. Tucci. 2003. L'unità informativa di inciso: correlati intonativi. In G. Marotta and N.

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