By Angela Knight, Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Diane Whiteside

ISBN-10: 0425218767

ISBN-13: 9780425218761

A bold choice of never-before-published erotic hope from 4 of the most popular names in paranormal romance. 4 of the main hot authors of paranormal romance take readers past their wildest fantasies, to a seductive nighttime global of erotic suspense, demons, mages, vampires, and knights. an international of queens with devilish secrets and techniques, and of demons with mystery wants. So harmful and enjoyable, readers may possibly by no means are looking to come again all the way down to earth again...

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She nodded sharply. "You know, I understand that being a Breed could make you more testosterone-impaired than most men tend to be. But I can't read your thoughts any more than I can read other men's. If something is wrong, I'd prefer you just get it out in the open rather than making me miserable by pulling the silent treatment. " His brow lifted, as amusement glittered briefly in his eyes. Amusement, arousal, and something undefined. Anger, perhaps. "My male sensibilities are functioning fine," he assured her, the corner of his lips tilting wryly.

They were without family, in many cases they were without friends. They were part of the pack they had trained in, but true belonging went deeper. It went to the soul. And his soul belonged to Grace. But he was beginning to realize that perhaps Grace really didn't want to belong to him. He stared at the rock in his hand, then, feeling the bite of that knowledge as it tore at his heart. Walking away from her would destroy him. It would mean that there truly was no place in the world that he would fit, and he didn't want that to be true.

He had requested his help there on a full-time basis many times, and Matthias had refused. Maybe he could talk to the director about that now, see what was needed. There were very few Wolf Breeds in the bureau. The pack leader, Wolf Gunnar, was now on the Breed Ruling Cabinet and met often with the human and feline sections of the Breed community. The separate Breed races were slowly coming together, adapting and learning how to ensure their place in the world. Matthias could help with that. Grace could help with that.

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Beyond the Dark - In A Wolf's Embrace by Angela Knight, Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Diane Whiteside

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