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PLEASE TELL ME, MASTER: HOW TO BE TOTALLY SINCERE TO YOU AND "UNDRESSED"? The problem is not only of one person -- everybody is dressed up. Everybody is showing his best side to the world. The heart may be full of tears, but people are smiling. This is how we have been brought up by a hypocritical society. We are children of a hypocritical society. Rather than teaching every child to be just himself -- sincere, honest, naked -- we are helping every child to be exactly the opposite. Just two days ago, one of my old friends had come to see me.

He had a beautiful mansion in the city. He said, "If you want, you can have the whole mansion. " He had many houses. I said, "No, there is no need. What will I do? I need only one room. You can live and take care of the whole mansion and the garden and my room, because I am a lazy man. " In my university days I used to keep my bed just near the door and all my books around my bed, so I had not to enter into the room -- because there was such thick dust gathering, for two years. I had never entered -- why unnecessarily disturb settled things?

So I told him, "I don't need the whole mansion. " So he lived with me. He was very rich but very miserly. Perhaps the word `miserly' is not enough to describe it. He used to go for a walk in the morning with me, and anything he would find by the side of the road here and there, he would grab it. I said, "What will you do with it? -- just a handle of a bicycle; somebody had thrown it away. He said, "You don't know. " So I went into his house, in his part of the mansion, and he showed me. And I was really amazed!

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