By Robert Gimello

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The quantity approximately Avatamsaka Buddhism in East Asia is the results of a symposium prepared in France in 2008. 15 contributions replicate the methods of manifestation and of expression of Huayan doctrines in numerous realms and at varied sessions. in comparison with prior useful reports, the current quantity intends to open broader views, to offer the chance to boost opened problematics, in keeping with fundamental assets, textual and iconological. The Avatamsaka doctrines have built specific methods of expression and paradigms at the chinese language soil, as a sinized Buddhism, they're acknowledged to have completed a philosophical revolution within the background of Mahayana: absolutely the isn't the target of the philosophical and soteriological inquiry, yet its aspect of departure. the area is not just an phantasm to be transcended yet a manifestation of this very Absolute. The Avatamsaka will be visible because the spine of influencial currents, the Chan or Zen, the Tiantai or Tendai, the Ritualistic Buddhism, the natural Land teachings, in addition to the music reviews. The renewal of problematics on historical past of faith within the a long way East sector, because the so-called mixed scheme at the same time philosophical (exoteric) and ritualist (esoteric), supplies a aspiring to the process of Avatamsaka present as universal denominator associated from China until the Qitan area to Korea and Japan.

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Yujie �W), which consists of the lower levels of existence, including the world in which we live as well as the lower Heav­ ens; (2) the realm of material phenomena (rupadhiitu, Jap. iW), comprising only the highest Heavenly worlds in which only subtle mental factors remain. , ed. : Dasabhumikasutra et Bodhisattvabhumi Chapitres Vihiira et Bhumi. Paris : Paul Geuthner, 1 926, p. 49, L 9; Kondo, RyUko, ed. D*�+:ttH 8b . Tokyo: Daijo Bukkyo Kenyo-kai, 1 93 6 , p. 98, n. 8-9. In Sik�linan­ da' s translation, the verse reads : sanjie suoyou weizhi yixin ::::: W,Fifi':;g ��-{J" T 1 0 : 1 94a.

40a2-3 : sgra mams thams cad. 1 3 3 Restore: (da)[rseJnti; -e- for -aya- (see BHSG 3 : 62); Tib. 40a4 : stan. 1 34 Restore: [s](a)rvbajjage; jage (loc. ) is transferred from a consonant stem to an a-stem with loss of final consonant -t (see BHSG 2 : 90, 1 5 : 2). The consonantj- is geminated after a short preceding vowel causa metri (see BHSG 2 : 78, 80). 135 Restore: (viku)rvb(i)tall1; Tib . 40a5--{; : rnam par 'phrul ba; a long vowel is required for the syl­ lable vi- (see BHSG 3 : 14), because the word represents the last four syllables of a pada in sar­ dulavikrfrjita.

R] . tu l 1 5 aprama l 1 6 III III . [d]ise em] . e . i . . [oJ III 111 + . . + + + + + + + + + + 111 v3 v4 v5 . vq vr l 1 7 vs . [u k] . + . [r] . . [y] . + + + 111 pulam* l 1 8 sarvbagul)as. em] . + 1 1 9 III [ni]garj ahII 2 0 dharmadhatu[ni] + III vt ta [sa]rvbabu[ddh]ebhil;1 1 2 1 II bu[ddh] . + III VUl 22 kadhatu1 23 vyavalokayi[t] . 124 + III vv satva[sa]yendriyasa[m] . + 1 25 III vw sarvbabuddha[l]1]vikurvbita[s] . 126 + + III varttanavivarttanapari . + 127 III vx vy buddhanal]1 bhagava[t] (a)l]1[m=a]na .

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