By Rudolf Steiner

ISBN-10: 1855841940

ISBN-13: 9781855841949

Together with his philosophical and clinical education, Steiner introduced a brand new systematic self-discipline to the sphere of non secular study, taking into account totally wide awake tools and accomplished effects. A common seer, he cultivated his non secular imaginative and prescient to a excessive measure, allowing him to talk with authority on formerly veiled mysteries. Samples of his paintings are to be present in this publication of edited texts, which gathers excerpts from his many talks and writings on a number of issues and have editorial introductions, statement, and notes. Chapters: The Continent of Atlantis The relocating Continents The historical past of Atlantis The Earliest Civilizations The Beginnings of notion Etheric expertise: Atlantean Magical Powers Twilight of the Magicians The Divine Messengers Atlantean mystery wisdom: Its Betrayal and next destiny The Origins of the Mysteries Atlantis and religious Evolution

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41 42 A U ser ’s G uide to the Universe As he does so, he finds himself turning into his beastly self: Mr. Hyde. Light goes through both, and the wave from one interferes with the wave from another, creating a complicated pattern on the screen beyond. From Young’s original notes, we can see the double-slit apparatus from above: Quantum Weirdness The light, coming through holes A and B, travels to the opposing screen and makes bright spots at C, D, E, and F (and at other points above and below where Young cut off his diagram).

At the instant when we measure the position of an electron (by hitting it with a photon, for example), the wave function collapses, and for an instant afterward we know almost exactly where the electron is. The wave function no longer extends over a large region of space. * Hyde, as we know, is a cheater, and so for a while, as Dr. Jekyll calls out coordinates, Hyde keeps announcing miss after miss while he moves his ships around. Eventually Hyde realizes that the charade can’t go on forever, so he’s forced to put his battleships somewhere on the board and declare a hit.

All of them reveal this same quantum weirdness. We admit that we’re really giving you the hard sell on the double-slit experiment, but we assure you, it’s absolutely necessary. Topics such as relativity allow a physicist to assume a fact such as the constant speed of light, and then use theory to figure out pretty much everything else without ever leaving the comfort of his or her parents’ basement. Quantum mechanics was, quite conversely, almost entirely driven by experiment after experiment in which previous theories had failed to explain what was going on.

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Atlantis: The Fate of a Lost Land and Its Secret Knowledge (Esoteric) by Rudolf Steiner

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