By Iwan W. Morgan, Philip John Davies

ISBN-10: 023010858X

ISBN-13: 9780230108585

This e-book examines George W. Bush's legacy when it comes to his presidential management and politics and explains why he was once the main debatable president of contemporary instances. It makes a speciality of Bush's growth of presidential strength in pursuit of the "war on terror," the ideological and pragmatic foundations of his presidential politics, and the complexity of his legacy in either international and family coverage. as well as an introductory evaluation, it comprises ten unique essays that check the issues of ranking the Bush presidency, the character of Bush's presidential executive, ideology and concepts within the Bush presidency, the administration's fiscal and international regulations, and the electoral context of the times.  

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V. Sawyer, 343 US 579 [1952]) stands out not because it marked the halting of such presidential claims but because it is an exception to their secular growth. In matters of authority, presidents have moved to occupy territory that the Constitution denies them but that Congress has failed to defend. A president’s commands have the potential to change the political landscape. As Neustadt observed, “When what we once called ‘war’ impends, he now becomes our system’s Final Arbiter . . ”4 The war in Iraq illustrates his point that command comes at a political price.

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