By John Ma

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This significant and wide-ranging publication examines the connection among the Greek city-states and the Hellenistic empire, focusing in particular at the interplay among Antiochos III and the towns of Western Asia Minor. Dr Ma methods this fabric from various angles: narrative historical past, structural analyses of imperial energy, and analyses of the services performed by way of language and stereotype within the interplay among rulers and governed. This paperback variation encompasses a new preface and a piece of addenda.

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T h e y transmit informative accounts, taken f r o m the totally lost Book 19 of Polybios, for the diplomatic confrontation between the two powers ( 1 9 6 - 1 9 2 ) , culminating in the R o m a n Seleukid W a r ; these accounts illuminate Seleukid conceptions and anxieties about the Anatolian dominion (see C h . 2 § 5). L i v y and A p p i a n also preserve the outline and many details f r o m Polybios' account of the R o m a n - S e l e u k i d W a r ; these details illustrate the condition of the poleis and the choices they faced at a time of superpower conflict (see C o n c l u s i o n , for the analysis of a few instances).

T h e inscribed decrees do not allow us to study conflict and disagreement: what they present is the normal outcome of internal processes—the decision attained, and firmly imposed on the c o m m u n i t y as authoritative by the canonical forms of the decree, implemented by the city's authorities, and presented to the world and to posterity by publication and inscription. T h e fact that the inscribed decrees present us with a limited w o r l d v i e w (their information is restricted to the outcome) and a particular, civic, ideology does not detract f r o m the status of the decisions reached and acted on by the c o m m u n i t y as a whole.

For recent, balanced treatments, J. K . Davis, in CAH2 vii. 304-20; Gruen 1993; A . Giovannini in Bulloch et al. 1993: 265-86; Billows 1995: ch. 3; Rhodes with L e w i s 1997: 542-9. Habicht 1997 presents the test-case of Athens in the Hellenistic age. Rostovtzeff unabashedly called the history of some communities 'thrilling to follow' (Roztovtzeff 1941: 35-6). 15 16 be analysed in C h a p t e r 4. In offering a thematic study on the cities' relation with their ruler, I hope not simply to move away f r o m the simplistic clichés about the Hellenistic polis, but also to illustrate and explore L .

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