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32) can also be written in terms of the differential scattered flux per differential projected solid angle d s/d s, normalized by the differential incident flux d i as BSDF = d (d d s . 28) The units of BSDF are 1/sr. Another (much less-widely used) quantity is the cosinecorrected BSDF (also called the scatter function), which is equal to BSDF × cos ␪s . In some publications, BSDF and cosine-corrected BSDF are used interchangeably; because of this, it is important to verify which definition is being used.

31) which means that the BSDF must be the same if the incident and scattered rays are reversed, as shown in Fig. 20. The ratio of total power scattered by a surface in the reflected or transmitted direction to the power incident on it is called the total integrated scatter (TIS), which is equal to the integral of the BSDF over the projected solid angle of the hemisphere: 2␲ ␲ /2 BSDF sin (␪s ) cos (␪s ) d␪s d␾. 32) TIS = 0 0 In order for energy to be conserved, the TIS of any BSDF (whether measured or modeled) must be ≤ 1.

22 A veiling glare test. Because it can be difficult or impossible to reduce stray light for source angles at or near the edge of the FOV, the exclusion angle is often greater than FOV/2, as shown in Fig. 23. 39) together with some of the terms defined previously, will now be used to predict the amount of out-of-field stray light in a simple optical system. The geometry of this system is shown in Fig. 24. The sun illuminates an optical system from an off-axis angle, and the system optics scatter light to the system focal plane.

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