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ALIAS Format: ALIAS [ 1[ 1 Template: NAME,STRING/F Purpose: To set or display command aliases Path: Internal Specification: ALIAS permits you to create aliases, or alternative names, for AmigaOOS commands. Using an alias is like replacing a sentence with a single word. With ALIAS, you can abbreviate frequently used commands or replace a standard command name with a different name. When AmigaOOS encounters , it replaces it with the defined , integrates the result with the rest of the command line, and attempts to interpret and execute the resulting line as an AmigaDOS command.

If you wish to end the TYPE command, hold down the CTRL key, and press the C key. Changing the Name of a File Before you try this command, your Workbench or CLI disk copy should be in drive O. You can change the name of a file by using the RENAME command: RENAME FROM datefile TO newname or RENAME datefile newname Now use TYPE to verify that the new name refers to the same contents. TYPE newname Notice that the alternate form of the command doesn't require that you use the FROM and TO. Most of the AmigaOOS commands have an alternate form, abbreviated from that shown in this tutorial section.

You use this to refer to the current window, both for input or for output. You can use the COPY command to copy from one file to another. , you can copy from the current window to another window, for example, COpy * TO CON:20/20/350/150/ from the current window to the current window, for example, COpy * TO * or from a file to the current window, for example, COpy bill/letter TO * AmigaDOS finishes copying when it comes to the end of the file. , you must give the CTRL-\ combination. Note that" is NOT the universal wild card.

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