By Stan Gibilisco

ISBN-10: 0071475540

ISBN-13: 9780071475549

The quick and simple technique to get up-to-speed on replacement energy
Because of present occasions, geopolitics, and usual failures, the price of gas is entrance and heart in our lives. This booklet presents a concise examine all different types of strength, together with fossil fuels, electrical, sunlight, biodiesel, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and renewable gasoline cells. you'll get reasons, definitions, and research of every replacement power resource from a technological standpoint.

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Natural gas is readily available in most cities and towns. An uninterrupted supply is provided by means of underground pipelines. There is no need to worry about the status of an onsite supply tank. • Gas furnaces (as well as gas stoves, gas fireplaces, and gas water heaters) burn clean. They produce relatively little air pollution, and essentially no smoke. 30 Alternative Energy Demystified • Forced-air gas furnaces are available in upflow, downflow, and horizontal (or lateral) flow designs. This allows them to be installed in basements, modular or mobile homes, and attics or crawl spaces, respectively.

3ºC. d. 5ºC. 3. Which of the following is not an advantage of an air exchange heat pump over electric resistance heating? a. An air exchange heat pump produces more heat energy per watt hour of electrical energy demanded from the utility, provided the outdoor temperature is warmer than approximately 4ºC (39ºF). b. An air exchange heat pump can work no matter how cold it gets outside, while an electric resistance heater won’t work when the outdoor temperature is below freezing. c. An electric resistance heater poses little or no risk of electrocution, but an air exchange heat pump is dangerous in this respect.

It can be used in a central home heating system as an alternative to oil or methane. Propane has also been used as a fuel for motor vehicles. When propane is depressurized by releasing it from a tank, it burns in much the same way as methane. ADVANTAGES OF PROPANE HEATING • Propane can be used almost anywhere, because it can be stored in tanks. When you see a silver tank shaped like a fat sausage in the yard of a rural home, farm house, or ranch house, you can be reasonably sure that it’s a propane tank.

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