By Caesar, A. G. Way

during this quantity are 3 works in regards to the campaigns engaged in by means of the good Roman statesman Julius Caesar (100–44 BCE), yet now not written through him. The Alexandrian War, which offers with problems somewhere else additionally, can have been written by means of Aulus Hirtius (ca. 90–43 BC, pal and armed forces subordinate of Caesar), who's often considered as the writer of the final booklet of Caesar's Gallic War. The African War and The Spanish War are exact debts sincerely by way of officials who had shared within the campaigns. All 3 works are vital assets of our wisdom of Caesar's career.

The Loeb Classical Library variation of Caesar is in 3 volumes.

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THEyALEXANDRIAN WAR that one night a great quantity of sweet water was discovered. Thus the laborious machinations and supreme efforts of the Alexandrians were countered by a few hours' work. In the course of the following day the Thirty-Seventh legion, part of the surrendered remnants of Pompeius' troops, after being embarked by Domitius Calvinus with corn, arms, weapons and artillery, made the coast of Africa a little beyond Alexandria. An East wind, which blew continuously for many days, prevented this fleet from gaining harbour but the ground throughout all that area gives excellent hold for anchoi'S.

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