By Nancy Russell Burger

ISBN-10: 1843107627

ISBN-13: 9781843107620

Sharing the adventure of citing a toddler with non verbal studying incapacity (NLD), this hot and available publication deals recommendation on topics ranging throughout analysis and treatment, kid's interplay with one another, compatible actions for a kid with and the way to debate NLD with little ones. a vital advisor, this ebook will reassure, suggest and tell mom and dad and pros who paintings with childrens with NLD.

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I told him, as lovingly as I could, that there was nothing whatsoever “wrong” with him, and that sometimes a party or an outing just doesn’t “click,” for whatever reason. I added that I wasn’t much for parties when I was a kid either and I still wasn’t (which wasn’t a lie). Then I watched my boy go to sleep. It was much more difficult than it had been when he was younger and I brought him to toddler parties where parallel play was par for the course. He was always quite happy to play with me in those circumstances—at least until cake and ice cream were served—and then he would take his goodie bag and toddle off to home, grubby, full and happy.

Imagine a neurologically typical (NT) child walking into a video store with the objective of renting a video to watch during the evening. Maybe she has something in mind: an animated feature or a live action thriller. So, she goes in and makes her way to the family movie section, perusing a couple of the new releases along the way and maybe even getting sidetracked by one or two in the process. The NLD child, on the other hand, has an entirely different experience. He walks into the store and immediately finds himself confronted by a wall of color and sound 58 MANAGING INFLOW 59 as people mill around shelves upon shelves of video boxes.

And that’s on a good day, when you’re not already reaching your limit because of something that’s happening at work, or because of an argument you’re having with a friend or husband or sister or another child or because you’re coming down with a cold. ) to draw from. When this happens to me, which it certainly does, I am AT HOME: PARENTING THE NLD CHILD 53 reminded of a very sage piece of advice I received from Dr. Byron Rourke when we brought Jimmy to his office in Canada to be evaluated in 2001.

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