By Geoffrey N. Leech

ISBN-10: 0582550130

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Seeks to illustrate that the examine of English poetry is enriched by means of the insights of contemporary linguistic research, and that linguistic and important disciplines are usually not separate yet complementary. reading a variety of poetry, Professor Leech considers many elements of poetic variety, together with the language of earlier and current, artistic language, poetic licence, repetition, sound, metre, context and ambiguity.

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Regrounded features interpreted, and how do their md~vIdual u:terpretatIons fit into the total interpretation of each passage or poem? DI~CUS;,. WIth reference to these examples, the meaning of' consistency offoregroundmg in poetry. fa] [ustia: I cannot skill of these Thy ways; Lord, Thou didst make me, yet thou woundest me; Lord, Thou dost wound me, yet Thou dost relieve me; Lord, Thou relievesr, yet I die by Thee; Lord, Thou dost kill me, yet Thou dose reprieve me. But when I mark my life and praise, Thy justice me most fitly pays; For I do praise Thee, yet I praise Thee not; My prayers mean Thee, yet my prayers stray; I would do well, yet sin the hand hath got; My soul doth love Thee, yet it loves delay.

Cv cv-cv cv-cvc ccv syllable structure c. x l v x ] / X rhythmic structure 1/ D. xIfxl f/ x 1/f alliterative pattern Line A of the diagram gives a phonemic transcription of Coleridge's line: it records the actual units of sound in the order in which they are articu- lated. These sounds, as everyone knows, are not represented one-for-one by the letters ofa written text; for example, the two Isoffollowed stand for only a single sound. ) . Line B shows the same sequence of sounds (phonemes), but this time they are identified simply asconsonants (c) or vowels (v).

A sonnet by G. M. Hopkins] [c] pity this busy monster, manunkind, not. Progress is a comfortable disease: your victim(death and life safely beyond) plays with the bigness ofhis littleness - electrons deify one razorblade into a mountainrange; lenses extend unwish through curving wherewhen till unwish returns on its unself A world ofmade is not a world of born - pity poor flesh and trees,poor stars and stones,but never this fme specimen ofhypermagical ultraomnipotence. We doctors know a hopeless case if-listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go [A complete poem by E.

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